Dave's Song Works

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A little history

Barry and Denny went to highschool together, but they met Dave in the late 80's at the University of Missouri - Columbia. While visiting some of his dorm-mates from the previous year, Denny noticed someone playing bass from his old room. Introductions were made and the next day, they all got together for a jam. "We decided to form a cover band but couldn't find anyone who would be seen with us, who could sing the high-pitched/screaming vocal style that was popular at the time." About that time, Barry quit school and Denny's parents moved to Kansas City - so that made rehearsal difficult during school and during breaks.

Denny finished school at MU and has been teaching drums in the K.C area ever since.

Barry went back to school for music, became an accomplished classical guitarist and has done some music teaching at the collegiate level. He is currently working on a classical guitar duo cd. A link to his page will be added to this site once it's available.

Dave finished school and along with his former guitar teacher and a drummer, who incidentally went to highschool with Denny and Barry, put together an original, rock trio in the mid 90's, called "Beyond the Sun". The group played clubs in the St. Louis area, wrote about 35 songs and produced a self-titled cd. Unfortunately, the creation of the cd turned out to be the end of the project.

Afterwards, Dave started putting song ideas together for another project and asked Barry and Denny to play on it. Every-other-weekend, for several months, Barry and Dave would load up the car and haul the p.a, guitar and bass rigs to K.C. and rehearse with Denny. In late 2001, Denny drove up to STL with his drum kit where they recorded his parts in three days. The editing and recording for the rest of the project ended up taking about four more years.

Dave then moved to San Diego where he started working on the cover concept and insert content. Robert Wawoe mixed the project over the summer of 2005, and Bob Katz mastered it shortly afterwards. Jeane Euker then laid out the cd artwork putting her special touches on the logo and font design.

"This is the best music I've made to date. I hope you enjoy it."